Insight into Sandplay Therapy with Martin Kalff, Ph.D.

Insight into Sandplay Therapy with Martin Kalff, Ph.D.

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Dr. Martin Kalff is a teaching and founding member of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy. He offers sandplay therapy to both children and adults in his practice in Zolikon, Switzerland.

As the son of Dora Kalff, the founder of Sandplay Therapy, he focuses on the development of the personality by creating an in-depth experience of oneself in his therapeutic work. He has established the unique and powerful “Experience Related Case Study” approach for the teaching and supervision of sandplay students.

Dr. Kalff holds a PhD from Columbia University in Religious Studies with an emphasis on Buddhist Studies. He teaches meditation and is involved in an exploration of the relationship between Contemplative Sciences, Sandplay Therpay and Jungian Psychology.

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