Education & Training Overview

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Sandplay Therapists of America® (STA) offers a variety of training opportunities. We sponsor a national conference in even-numbered years and host the STA Assembly in odd-numbered years, the latter co-hosted with a regional sandplay group. Training opportunities are updated quarterly. Additional opportunities include the two-year Sandplay Training Institute, sandplay intensives and many regional workshops and case consultation groups throughout the United States.

Distance learning sources and online case consultation are listed as a separate field for each member. Check Membership listing.

International training opportunities listed here include courses taught by sandplay teaching members outside the US and conferences sponsored by The International Society for Sandplay Therapists (ISST). For additional international opportunities, see the ISST website.

We invite you to browse and explore trainings that best meet your needs, and to contact us with any questions.

Olivia Heathcote, Chair –

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