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Sandplay Therapists of America® (STA) is committed to the continued development of sandplay literature and research. We encourage sandplay research of all kinds, particularly studies that are evidence based. When an outstanding research project has been published, it is acknowledged at STA’s national conference and referenced on this site.

Members of STA’s research committee are available for project consultation, and assistance with research design and data evaluation. Their names are listed in the Research Committee Section below. You may contact them directly if you are pursuing a sandplay research project.

STA has created Guidelines for Sandplay Research and a Procedure Manual for Research Using Sandplay Therapy (below). Please review these carefully as you design and implement your study. It is also important that all research follow the guidelines specified in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition.

We are delighted that you are interested in sandplay research. It is vital that we study and document the effectiveness of this powerful process, and we support your efforts wholeheartedly.


Guidelines for Sandplay Research (PDF)

Procedure Manual

Procedure Manual for Sandplay Research (PDF)

Research Committee

Research Committee members are available for consultation


Lorraine Freedle, PhD, LISW, CST-T


Lucia Chambers, MA, CST-T

Maria Ellen Chiaia, PhD, JA, CST-T

Lorraine Freedle, PhD, LISW, CST-T

Reinalda Matta, MS, CST-T

Gita Morena, PhD, MFT, CST-T

Trudy Rankin, EdD, CST-T

Denise Ramos, PhD, CST-T

Sachiko Taki-Reece, EdD, JA, MFT

Jacque Wiersma, PhD

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