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Fillion, Pauline

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 7, Number 2, 1998

KEY WORDS: reflection, STA, sandplay therapy, conference, Colorado.

ABSTRACT: This article reviews the Buddhism and Sandplay Conference held in Colorado in 1998. The invitation to the temenos of silence opened the experience, as the heart and mind were opened. Martin Kalff presented on the three roots of sandplay, Eastern thought, the Lowenfeld World Technique and Jungian psychology. He also helped those present to understand the Buddha nature and Self, comparing it to a diamond, covered with mud, needing to be cleaned. Ikebana, the way of flowers, and painting with Sabine offered options of creative expression in the silence. Dr. Kawai encouraged confidence in of oneself. He spoke on the relationship of the therapist with the client. The totality of the experience at the Conference reminded those present that “the healing of the Self is from going inside and finding a medium for the inner wisdom of the Self to connect with the outer ego of the person”.

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