Cunningham, Joyce Camuyrano

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 6, Number 1, 1997

KEY WORDS: well, reflection, sandplay community, synchronicity, sandplay therapy, communal, symbol, Glastonbury, relating, STA, NCSS, humble, attitude.

ABSTRACT: This article is a reflection inspired by Judy Zappacosta’s introductory comments at the 1997 STA conference. The author describes her initial attempts to write a linear, analytic article on the symbolism of the well-complete with erudite cross references-followed by her word processor crash, with humor and humility. She concludes that we must approach the well with a humble openness towards whatever may emerge. She then draws a parallel between sandplay conferences and wells or animal watering holes. Conferences are places where disagreements, personal and professional, can emerge, yet they are also places for resting and refueling. Similarly at animal watering holes tensions can mount, but the water is good for all. We all drink from the same well.