Kawai, Hayao

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 3, Number 1, 1993

KEY WORDS: sandplay therapy, co-transference, counter-transference, compulsive neurosis, clinical example, relationship, woman, depression, Japanese, cultural.

ABSTRACT: Dr. Kawai presented this paper at the Second STA National Conference in 1992. He shows the significance of the therapist-client relationship in describing the sandplay process of a 47 or 48 year old woman, suffering from chronic depression using 12 trays and dream work. .He describes his work in the therapeutic relationship as that of “cleaning up the cultural disease” for this Japanese woman. She moves through her alienation from herself, into the comfort of the therapeutic relationship and then the comfort of her own inner resources. Dr. Kawai helps to show that Sandplay is not a therapeutic technique, but a relationship which provides healing.