Kaplan, Jill; Punnett, Audrey; Zappacosta, Judy

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 18, Number 2, 2009

KEY WORDS: child therapy, assessment, frame, termination, relationship with parents, sandplay therapy, parent consultation, play, clinical examples, parents, child, children.

ABSTRACT: Three sandplay therapists who work with children write together about their approaches to collaborating with parents in child therapy. Questions about assessment, length of therapy, setting the frame of therapy, the value of play, and termination are discussed. It is often difficult to explain to parents what goes on in therapy, and all three therapists give examples of how they establish the relationship with parents, especially as children enter into working in the sand. Then the initial phase of therapy in two child cases are presented as examples of assessment and beginning the work with the child and their parents.