Ramos, Denise G. and Melo da Matta, Reinalda
São Paulo, Brazil

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 17, Number 2, 2008

KEY WORDS: Sandplay, method of analysis, obsessive compulsive disorder, children, categories of analysis, evaluation, Sandplay therapy, psychological improvement, statistical, gap, clinical examples.

ABSTRACT: The evaluation of psychotherapeutic processes is usually faced with the difficult task of transforming subjective behavior and psychological improvement into numbers or into data that can be appreciated by other professionals and that allows the application of statistical techniques. The method here presented is an attempt to fill this gap. The method gathers classifications done by other therapists in a form of analysis that can be used with different pathologies and facilitates the development of a bank of scientific data which the authors hope will be a basis for the integration of psychology with other fields of study such as neurology and psychiatry.