Razzi Freedle, Lorraine. ESE’S EMANCIPATION

Razzi Freedle, Lorraine. ESE’S EMANCIPATION 2017-05-05T12:45:39+00:00

Razzi Freedle, Lorraine. Ese’s Emancipation

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 15, Number 1, 2006

Keywords: youth violence, youth gangs, juvenile delinquency, Sandplay therapy, male, gang, youth, group home, abuse, neglect, childhood, despair, identity, violence, antisocial.

Abstract: In this article the author highlights the sandplay process of a 17-year-old gang-involved youth who was transitioning from living in a group home for juvenile delinquents to living on his own. His use of sandplay reconciles the despair of his abusive and neglectful childhood, to disengage from an identity centered on violence and antisocial behavior, and to launch into adulthood with newfound protection.