Castellana, Franco & Kirsch, Jean

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 15, Number 1, 2006

Keywords: Analysis, body encapsulation, affect transformation, symbolization, Sandplay therapy, body, Jungian, analytical pair, intense affects, transference, contertransference.

Abstract: This paper examines the analytic setting that includes sandplay and the processes which facilitate the movement of experience that has been encapsulated in the body (which has the potential to become psychological, but is not yet capable of symbolization) into psychological space. Two Jungian analysts offer their experiences to encourage a dialogue about the phenomena that are observed in sandplay. Theoretical grounding for sandplay is found in Jungian and psychoanalytic theory. The focus of the authors is upon the psychological forces, to which the analytical pair is subjected, when intense affects generated by the sandplay process are manifested in the transference and countertransference.