Soble, Laura. BEIT HA-MIKDASH 2017-05-05T12:45:41+00:00

Soble, Laura

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 14, Number 2, 2005

KEY WORDS: sandplay therapy, clinical example, symbol, office, sandplay room, temple, sanctuary, Beit ha Mikdash, house, holiness, Hebrew, child, therapetic relationship.

ABSTRACT: This article examines the symbol of the Beit ha-Mikdash, which translates from the Hebrew as House of Holiness, or the Temple, in the context of the treatment and sandplay of a Jewish child. Connections are made between the client’s need for a safe therapeutic setting, the temple as a free and protected space, and the relationship a client has with the therapist, the office, the sandtray, and the sandtray figures as creating a sanctuary.

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