Bradway, Kay

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 1, Number 1, 1991

KEY WORDS: co-transference, transference, counter-transference, free and protected space, Jungian analysis, Freud, Klein, Jung, Fordham, Kohut, Weinrib, sandplay therapy, clinical example, sandplay.

ABSTRACT: Discussion of transference and countertransference with reference to Kalff, Freud, Jung, Fordham, and Kohut is followed by a presentation of the rationale for using the term CO-transference when speaking of transference/countertransference. CO-transference is illustrated by the presentation of the sandplay process of a woman in her late forties who continued her analysis with a Jungian analyst during the time of her sandplay process. Her 12 sandtrays, shown in full color, are discussed in detail with special attention paid to the CO-transference, such as her depiction of anger (apparently not experienced consciously) following the misunderstanding about the time of an appointment, and depiction of positive feelings after a positive verbal interchange. A delayed three-way review of the full process is made with her Jungian analyst.