Frequently Asked Questions (STI)

Frequently Asked Questions (STI) 2017-10-10T19:40:59+00:00

Q.  Do I have to attend all modules?

A.  To secure the cohesiveness of the group we ask that you make a commitment to at least one year of the program at a time. If you submit the documentation that you have completed 18 hours of STA approved introductory coursework, you may be exempt from the first module. Each teacher has a different perspective and provides new information, case material and insight. However, if you are an experienced Sandplay therapist and you would like additional training in a specific area, you may enroll in individual modules.

Q.  What are the hours and schedule of each module?

A.  Each module will be 16 hours starting Friday at 6 P.M. and ending Sunday at noon. The exception to this will be the Fundamentals module in April, which will be 18 hours and will start Friday at 3 P.M.

Q.  What if I have to cancel? Will my fees be refunded?

A.  The full tuition is due 60 days before the start of the module or the year (if you are paying for the full year). Please see the Cancellation Policy above for additional details.

Q.  If there are no certified members where I live, how do I begin my personal process?

A.  Individual hours for process must be arranged by the student. If you need assistance to locate a qualified sandplay therapist/consultant, refer to the STA website for those in the appropriate geographic area.

Q.  What are my options for getting case consultation?

A.  You may arrange consultation in advance with visiting faculty. You may also check the STA website for other resources. Many consultants provide online options.

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