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STA/ISST Certified Sandplay Therapist Teaching (CST-T) Membership

A Certified Member must have a minimum of two years membership in STA/ISST before applying for Teaching Membership. Attendance at an International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST) conference (or an STA national conference with international presentations) during training, and/or publishing an article in a sandplay or other professional journal are essential to becoming a Teaching Member.

A Certified Member will select a Teaching Member to act as a consultant/mentor/guide to help work with the Certified Member to:

  • Become familiar with the sandplay curriculum.
  • Prepare and present at least one case in addition to the final case report.
  • Present at least one case at a regional, national or international conference.
  • Co-teach with a Teaching Member of STA.
  • Co-facilitate consultation sessions with a Teaching Member of STA.
  • Co-teach at least one introductory class on sandplay for a minimum of three hours, with the teaching consultant present.

There is no deadline for completion of these requirements. Individuals are encouraged to work towards meeting these requirements at a pace that is comfortable for them. Full requirements, documentation and application forms are found in the Sandplay Handbook (Forms 8-10).

CST-T requirements
Handbook of STA/ISST Requirements


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