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We welcome your participation in the Sandplay Therapists of America®. Joining together supports our goals of high quality education and professionalism in the growing field of sandplay therapy.

We are a non-profit organization that operates as an all-volunteer service organization with secretarial help provided by an administrative assistant. We depend on our members to vote and create the Board of Trustees, as well as run the organization within our written and accepted bylaws and code of ethics.

Sandplay recognizes three levels of membership, each requires an application and training: Sandplay Practitioner; STA/ISST Certified Sandplay Therapist and STA/ISST Certified Sandplay Therapist, Teaching Member. Additionally, anyone may become an Associate.

Sandplay Practitioners (SP)

    • Approved to provide sandplay therapy without supervision.
    • May advertise as a “Sandplay Practitioner.”
    • May attend members meetings and vote on STA issues.
    • May have a STA website listing.
    • A subscription to the Journal of Sandplay Therapy®.

SP requirements

STA/ISST Certified Sandplay Therapist (CST)

    • All of the privileges listed above, plus:
    • May provide sandplay therapy that qualifies others for membership at certified and practitioner levels.
    • May become a member of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST).
    • May vote on Sandplay/ISST issues.

CST prequalifications and training requirements
CST candidate and member

STA/ISST Certified Sandplay Therapist – Teacher Member (CST-T)

    • All of the privileges listed above, plus:
    • May provide education (e.g., workshops, courses, and group and individual consultation/supervision) to qualify others for membership at practitioner and certified levels.
    • May serve as mentors for CST’s wishing to become teaching members.

CST-T requirements

Associates receive these benefits:

  • A subscription to the Journal of Sandplay Therapy.
  • Reduced rates and invitation to special events at Sandplay conferences.
  • Our electronic newsletter CyberNews.

Handbook of STA/ISST Requirements