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STA/ISST Certified Sandplay Therapist (CST) Membership 

Sandplay Therapists of America Associates or Sandplay Practitioners often pursue a personal sandplay process and training to become Candidates for Sandplay Certified Membership.  Sandplay Certified Members are sandplay therapists who are recognized for having completed a personal sandplay process and for their extensive training, writing and experience in sandplay therapy. Those wishing to apply to become Candidates for Certified Membership must conduct their personal sandplay process and group case consultation with Certified Members.

Key Requirements for STA/ISST CST Membership:

Pre-qualifications: verification will be required for each at time of formal application

    • Post-graduate degree—submit copy of degree.
    • Clinical knowledge base—official transcript.
    • Licensure or credential to practice one’s profession.
    • Personal development through psychotherapy or analysis—100-hour minimum.
    • Professional malpractice insurance.

CST prequalifications and training requirements

Training Requirements for STA/ISST Certified Membership:  Documentation Required

  • Personal sandplay process – completed with certified International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST)/STA member.
  • Complete a minimum of 120 hours of sandplay education in four main content areas in addition to electives.
  • Consultation: complete a minimum of 80 hours of sandplay case consultation with ISST member; 30 of those hours must be individual case consultation with an ISST Teaching member. Consult Handbook for further information regarding meeting this requirement.
  • Submission and approval of two preliminary papers, one of which is an in-depth discussion of a symbol, archetypal image or theme.
  • Select an Sandplay member as an Advisor.

 Becoming a Candidate for Certified Membership

  • Submit a formal application to STA Admissions Committee including all appropriate documentation and forms as outlined on page 9 of the Handbook.
  • Admissions Interview scheduled by the STA Admissions Committee after review of the application by the Admissions Chair. Committee will make a recommendation regarding the applicant’s readiness to become a candidate.

 Becoming an STA/ISST Certified Member

    • Complete of all educational and consultation requirements.
    • Complete approval of two preliminary papers.
    • Complete and submit the final case study to three readers, two national and one international.  Readers are not to be the candidate’s sandplay therapist or consultant.
    • Approval for certified membership by the readers of the case study.
    • Payment of all appropriate fees and dues.

CST candidate and member

For further details and time lines for completion of these requirements, please consult pages 5-10 of the Handbook.

Handbook of STA/ISST Requirements
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