Ehlers, Lynne. KALI

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Ehlers, Lynne

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 9, Number 1, 2000

KEY WORDS: Kali, sandplay therapy, coming of age, clinical example, symbol, terrible mother, mother, great mother, abandonment, alcohol, drugs, abuse, book review.

ABSTRACT: Black Kali, the Hindu Goddess, is a fierce warrior worshipped in Nepal, Tibet, and India. Kali springs from Durga, the world rescuer. With the focusing of the Kali energy, strength comes to deal with dominance. This energy prompts rebirth. It is suggested that rage comes from the inability to protect oneself prompting raw vulnerability. Two cases are presented of women using positive Kali energy. The admitting of and exposure to darkness in their lives, led to the transformative energy of Kali, protecting their vulnerability in the darkness. The sandtray offers the containment for this process of transformation with Kali.

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