Weller, Barbara

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 8, Number 2, 1999

KEY WORDS: teacher, transformation, sandplay therapy, Hayoka, senex, trickster, shadow, STA, ISST, MSTG, process, national conference, 1989, teaching.

ABSTRACT: This paper, based on a presentation made at a national Sandplay Therapists of America conference in 1999, is a personal sharing of Barbara Weller’s experiences as she entered the field of Sandplay therapy. She looks at questions about learning and teaching Sandplay, as well as sharing organizational issues that have arisen in the Sandplay community. The article includes a discussion of the Minnesota Sandplay Therapy Group’s training curriculum, and encourages old and new Sandplay therapists “to link hands and share with each other our wisdom and energy, our ideas and hopes.”