Winter, Rosalind

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 8, Number 1, 1999

KEY WORDS: ego development, sandplay therapy, Self, ego, development, consciousness, clinical example, ego formation, unknown thought, self-fragments, Fordham, ego-self axis, body level, psychoid.

ABSTRACT: This article explores the role of Sandplay in the Self’s desire to incarnate into ego form. Theories of Jung, Fordham, Edinger, Whitmont, Stern, Merriot and others are used to illustrate the process of ego development. The opportunities Sandplay provides of ego development are illustrated through case material and the discussion of theories of Kalff and Bradway. In brief, Sandplay accesses the psychoid undifferentiated level of the psyche. It provides a container for living split off affective experiences necessary for forming a solid body based ego. Through the creation of a third space for imaginal play and attunement of the therapist’s ego formation is enhanced.