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Reece, Sachiko Taki

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 6, Number 1, 1997

KEY WORDS: The Enlivened Moment, Professor Kawai, reflection, sandplay therapy, hollow center, numinous, spiritural function, Ox-herding pictures, Japanese, Asian.

ABSTRACT: Sachiko Taki Reece, a Japanese Jungian analyst and sandplay therapist writes of her experience with Dr. Kawai’s presentation at the Seminar, “The Enlivened Moment”, a benefit for the Journal of Sandplay Therapy in 1996. The author was struck by the personal experience of being unable to understand her notes from the presentation, and realized that she was learning about Dr. Kawai’s insistence of “knowing nothing” or the “hollow center”. Kawai emphasized the importance of the therapist being conscious of his/her own evolving experience with a client. Through two cases, Dr. Kawai illustrates the value of “wholeheartedly-doing nothing”. Dr. Kawai presented the Ox-herding pictures, as related to alchemy, with the addition of a series of 15 pictures painted by a contemporary Japanese woman, who Dr. Kawai explained was “attempting new things in the old tradition”. Dr. Kawai is making a significant contribution in the field of sandplay therapy.

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