Bradway, Kay

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume IV, Number 1, 1994

KEY WORDS: women, final scenes, sandplay therapy, home, career, initial scenes, synchronistic moment, clinical example, competition, aggression, assertiveness, balance.

ABSTRACT: The initial and final sand scenes of 10 women, 5 identified as “Home Women” and 5 as “Career Women” are presented and discussed. Home women (median age of 40) were married and not employed outside the home. Career women (median age of 30) were active in helping professions and not married. Comparisons: Initial scenes of the two groups show marked differences in assertiveness and aggression, with the career women being more aggressive and home women more passive. Final scenes of both groups show more balance and wholeness. Discussion of the psychology of women in the 1970’s, which was when these women were seen, is included.