Tang, Chih-An

Chih-An Tang, Taipei, Taiwan

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 22, Number 2, 2013

KEY WORDS: self-acceptance, connection to the self, man, ego-self axis, individuation, gay, adult, male, separation from family of origin, low self-esteem, adaptation, sandplay, clinical example, cultural, sandplay therapy.

ABSTRACT: This paper presents the sandplay work of a gay man struggling to individuate in a culture that did not support a lifestyle consistent with his nature. The client entered therapy suffering from low self-esteem, isolation, a felt need to conceal his true self, and terror of his secret being revealed. He was fearful because his parents and society rejected his behavior and interests as unmasculine and inappropriate. His work in sandplay, can be seen as a alchemical process which permitted psychic healing through differentiation and ultimate integration of his masculine and feminine sides. This enabled him to contact and appreciate an inner, lively energy and to constellate the self. He began to accept his nature and was able to de-identify with his family’s values. A transformation into health was manifested both in the client’s sand pictures, and in his thoughts, attitudes and behaviors in daily life.

In German:

Sandspieltherapie als Pfad zur Selbstakzeptanz

Chih-An Tang, Taipei, Taiwan

SCHLüsselWÖRTER: Selbstakzeptanz, Verbindung zum Selbst, Mann, Ich-Selbst-Achse, Individuation, homosexuell, Erwachsener, männlich, Trennung von Herkunftsfamilie, geringes Selbstwertgefühl, Anpassung, Sandspiel, Fallbeispiel, kulturell, Sandspieltherapie.

ABSTRACT: Dieser Artikel zeigt die Sandspielarbeit eines homosexuellen Mannes. Am Anfang der Therapie litt der Klient an geringer Selbstakzeptanz, Isolation, einem Bedürfnis sein wahres Selbst zu verbergen und panischer Angst, dass sein Geheimnis offenbart werde.