Humphris, Margaret

Margaret Humphris, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 21 Number 2 2012

KEY WORDS: sandplay, case example, mirror, symbol, mirroring transference, mirroring in sandplay, Self, Dionysius, Narcissus, therapeutic relationship, mandala, attuned empathic mirroring.

ABSTRACT: Mirroring in Sandplay is an exploration of the symbolic image of the mirror throughout history, as reflected within the clinical examples of three sandplay clients. The foundation of attuned empathic mirroring is reviewed, establishing this concept as a core construct in the development of the Self. Connections are posited between the early mirroring occurring within the uroboric primary relationship of mother and child which helps to generate ego stability as we mature, and the reparative mirroring occurring within in the safe and protected space of the therapeutic sandplay relationship as evidenced in the sand itself.

In German
Spiegelung Im Sandspiel: Eine Kurze Untersuchung

Volume 21 Number 2 2012

SCHLAGWÖRTER: Sandspiel, Fallbeispiel, Spiegel, Symbol, Spiegelübertragung, Spiegelung im Sandspiel, Selbst, Dionysius, Narcissus, therapeutische Beziehung, Mandala, feinfühlige empathische Spiegelung.

ABSTRACT: Spiegelung im Sandspiel ist eine Untersuchung des symbolischen Bildes des Spiegels, sowohl geschichtlich als auch durch drei Fallbeispielen von Sandspielklienten.