Foks-Appelman, Theresa

Theresa Foks-Appelman. Nuenen, the Netherlands

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 20 Number 1, 2011

KEY WORDS: sandplay, abandonment, panic attacks, girl, female, child, individuation, Sandplay therapy, clinical example, moulding, clay, STA, Boulder, 2010.

ABSTRACT: A sandplay process of an eleven-year-old girl suffering from panic attacks probably caused by early feelings of abandonment and triggered in situations of renewed abandonment. Sandplay therapy showed that the child could find her own way to make connections with nature and natural feelings. A process of individuation was possible with the help of her instinctual life, visible in her use of special animals she used not only in sandplay therapy, but also in drawing and moulding in clay and plaster. This paper was presented at Sandplay Therapy: Spanning the Great Divide, STA 2010 National Conference, Boulder, Colorado