Friedman, Harriet S. and Mitchell, Rie Rogers

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 2, Number 1, 1992

KEY WORDS: sandplay therapy, future, sandplay community, 1992, San Rafael, California, STA, Conference.

ABSTRACT: Participants at the 1992 Sand Rafael conference, sponsored by Sandplay Therapists of America, were asked the following questions via a questionnaire: 1) What do you think the future of sandplay will be? and 2) What is your wish about how sandplay might evolve in the 21st century? Forty-six questionnaires (18%) were returned. Respondents predicted: 1) Sandplay would be incorporated into both long-and short-term therapy in institutional and non-clinical settings; 2) People would seek the experience of sandplay, not just for the resolution of psychological conflicts, but also as a source of meaningful reconnection to their own creative and spiritual expressions; and 3) Sandplay could have a healing effect of the larger world community. Also identified were six major issues that need consideration and conscientious examination by the sandplay community.