Costello, Claire Louise
San Francisco

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 17, Number 2, 2008

KEY WORDS: relationship, objective psyche, psychophysiologic, self-healing, transitional object, transcendent function, reciprocal, therapeutic alliance, personality transformation, alchemical field (of healing), Sandplay therapy, therapeutic relationship, analytic relationship, co-transference, Self psychophysiological self-healing.

ABSTRACT: Sandplay may be used within the context of the therapeutic/analytic relationship to invite an experience with the objective psyche for the purpose of healing and personality transformation. Sandplay is a psychophysiological self-healing tool that evolves an embodied and dynamic therapeutic relationship between two people as three dimensional forms and images are sequentially created over time and may come to serve as transitional object and transcendent function to the Self via the co-transference relationship. When the Self is touched in sandplay the healing side of the psyche is activated. Perhaps the revitalized energy released in the image making process of sandplay offers a generative or evolutionary healing potential not just for the sandplayer and sandplay therapist but for the objective psyche as well.