Turner, Barbara

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 14, Number 2, 2005

KEY WORDS: sandplay therapy, clinical example, development, neurology, neurobiology, myth making, brain, free and protected space, therapeutic relationship, affect regulation, brain development, Jung, Kalff, containment, Newberg, Neumann.

ABSTRACT: This article compares Kalff’s observations of the healing and change process in sandplay with recent neurobiological findings regarding brain development. Kalff’s pre-conscious developmental phases, the mother-child unity, relationship to the mother and constellation of the Self, are supported by new findings regarding growth and change in the human brain. Particular emphasis is drawn to the seminal role of human relationship in both brain development and its parallel components in the containment of the free and protected space of sandplay. The material in this article is explained more fully in this author’s book, The Handbook of Sandplay Therapy.