Manevsky, Sergey

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 12, Number 1, 2003

KEY WORDS: sandplay therapy, not-me, third area, clinical example, transitional object, depression.

ABSTRACT: This article is an attempt to synthesize several propositions of the theory of objective relations and Jungian paradigm. “Potential space” has a synonym in the concept of the “play-space,” and in turn it is the psychological space of psychotherapy, where the conjunction of the external and internal is always presupposed. Symbolic material is a reflection of several archetypal structures of the collective unconscious. Similar to the couch – a place where the patient experiences psychic regression, is the sandtray which permits the return to the initial stages of the sense development; touching the sand activates individual tactile and kinetic images and basic archetypes. A clinical case of a patient illustrates denoted positions.