Kalff, Dora

Journal of Sandplay Therapy, Volume 1, Number 1, 1991

KEY WORDS: sandplay therapy, introduction, Janet Tatum, preface, consciousness, unconscious, ego, children, adults, individuation, Jung, Self, symbols, wholeness, play, free and protected space, transformation.

ABSTRACT: Dora Kalff, the founder of Sandplay Therapy, provides in this article an extensive explanation of the foundations for understanding the sandplay process.. She explains the process from the Jungian perspective, giving the reader a base of knowledge for the theory of sandplay. There is explanation of the sandplay container of the tray and the miniatures. She explains the need for the therapist to understand the meaning of the symbols used. In the safe and protected space of the relationship the unconscious is revealed. Interpretation is never given, but instead the sandplayer is given the support and containment for the process to be revealed in its own time through the transformation of energies.