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A sandplay intensive is a four- to seven-day residential retreat. The setting is a natural landscape or contemplative center to create an atmosphere to allow for containment and immersion in a learning environment.

The intensive faculty is committed to creating an in-depth experience in which each participant’s connection to sandplay therapy will expand through both didactic and experiential learning. The educational component will focus on presentations, which explore the interweaving of sandplay theory, clinical applications, Jungian psychology and archetypal motifs. The experiential component may include group process, dream work, expressive arts, miniature and mask making, and movement.

A sandplay intensive is designed for students who have had a basic introduction to sandplay, who have completed or are currently working on their personal sandplay process and who are currently using sandplay with their clients.

If you or your regional group is interested in developing or holding a sandplay intensive, please contact the Sandplay Intensive Committee Chair, Maria Ellen Chiaia. The Intensive Committee members include Lauren Cunningham and Judy Zappacosta.

We welcome any questions:

Maria Ellen Chiaia, Chair –

Intensives will be scheduled when there is sufficient interest.

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