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Also see: Regional Assembly

Sandplay Therapists of America®(STA) offers support for regional sandplay groups across the US through the new Regional Development & Support (RDS) group, established in 2011 as part of the Education Committee.

Support projects include:

  • The Sandplay Regional Council, representing some 19 regional groups, to facilitate communication between groups and between regional groups and STA.
  • Collecting news of regional training events and distributing to all, including STA CyberNews.
  • The National Assembly (in non-conference years), to provide opportunities for aspiring members, affordable training for all, and foster and build community. The event is a primary vehicle for applicants and candidates for Certified Sandplay Therapists (CST) and Certified Sandplay Therapist Teachers (CST-T) to present cases, receive mentoring, and move closer to certification.
  • Free Assembly registration for each “sandplay friend” sponsored by an attending CST-T.
  • Coordination with the Diversity Scholarship Committee to help more sandplayers attend trainings.
  • Coordination of services to outlying groups not located near CST-Ts, on request.
  • List of CST-Ts who will work and travel at sliding scale.
  • List of CST-Ts who offer Online Consultation and Phone Consultation.

Please contact us with any questions:

Ellen Saul, Chair –

Jackie Kelley, Membership Development –