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STA  is pleased to have 19 sandplay groups in the West, Central and East Regions of the USA.  Regional groups are the heart and soul of STA since most members of STA are affiliated with a regional group, and the groups are open to all therapists.  Smaller groups are essential vehicles for local community and support for sandplay therapists, and many offer an impressive array of Jungian-Kalffian sandplay trainings around the country.  Each group is led or counseled by at least one Certified Sandplay Therapist, Teaching Member (CST-T).

The Education Committee of STA provides regional development and support through the STA Regional Council, representing all the groups.  At each National Conference or Assembly there is a regional meeting for groups to network with each other and with the STA Board of Trustees.  The Assembly arose out of a need to provide more support and opportunity for advancement to those aspiring to membership, as a place for the membership to meet, and for welcoming newer sandplayers.  STA locates national events in varying parts of the country to make more training available to more sandplay students.  Together, regional and national training events comprise a wealth of education in Jungian-Kalffian sandplay therapy.

Regional Support

Sandplay Therapists of America®(STA) offers support for regional sandplay groups across the US through the new Regional Development & Support (RDS) group, established in 2011 as part of the Education Committee.

Support projects include:

  • Collecting news of regional training events and distributing via email newsletter.
  • The National Assembly (in non-conference years), to provide opportunities for aspiring members, affordable training for all, and foster and build community. The event is a primary vehicle for applicants and candidates for Certified Sandplay Therapists (CST) and Certified Sandplay Therapist Teachers (CST-T) to present cases, receive mentoring, and move closer to certification.
  • Free Assembly registration for each “sandplay friend” sponsored by an attending CST-T.
  • Coordination with the Diversity Scholarship Committee to help more students attend trainings.
  • Coordination of services to outlying groups not located near CST-Ts, on request.
  • List of CST-Ts who will work and travel at sliding scale.
  • List of CST-Ts who offer online consultation and phone consultation.

Please contact us with any questions:

  • Ellen Saul, Chair –
  • Jackie Kelley, Membership Development –
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